Automatic machine for disposable degradable paper straw

Paper straw machine features: 1. Food grade adhesive is more environmentally friendly. 2. Customized adhesive device is not required. 3. The frequency conversion speed regulation performance is stable. 4. Servo motor drives multi cutter cutting system. 5. The diameter of the paper straw can be 5mm-10mm.


XY-JNZG high-speed paper straw machine integrates paper feeding, gluing, winding and cutting, and is equipped with a CNC multi knife cutting system to cut finished paper tubes online. It is applicable to the production of paper straw of various types and specifications, such as 5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm in diameter.
1. The machine is controlled by PLC, and the host is equipped with frequency conversion speed regulation. The human-computer interface is a touch screen, which is simple to set and easy to operate.
2. The cutting part adopts a multi cutter cutting system, and the servo motor tracks the cutting, which is more accurate, time-saving and efficient.
3. The body and main accessories are made of stainless steel to ensure product hygiene.

Paper straw machine (5)
Paper straw machine (5)


Paper layers 3 layers
Inner diameter of coiled pipe 4.7-12mm
Wall thickness of coiled pipe 0.5-2mm
Steady speed 30-40m/min
Pipe cutting system Servo motor tracking online cutting
Gluing method Single and double sides
Power Supply 380V three-phase 50HZ
Operators 1-2 persons
Paper holder, rubber holder 3 layers
Belt 3
Rod core 2 sets
Operating area 3500*1500*1200mm
Main motor 1300kgs
Paper straw machine (6)
Paper straw machine (6)


1. The performance of the paper straw machine is stable and durable, the setting and operation are simple and convenient, and the operation method is easy to learn and understand.
2. The machine adopts high-quality heating core, with stainless steel surface, long service life and good heating effect.
3. The material of the paper straw machine is hard, and it is made of new materials, with a long service life.
4. The final product produced by the paper straw machine is of high quality, and many years of industry experience has created high-quality straw.
5. Before leaving the factory, every detail of the paper straw machine has been strictly inspected.
6. Each high-quality paper straw machine originates from every exquisite detail.

Paper straw machine (7)
Paper straw machine (7)