High-Quality Food-Grade Disposable Paper Salad Bowl Making Machine

High-Quality Food-Grade Disposable Paper Salad Bowl Making Machine



Kraft paper bowl making machine (6)
Kraft paper bowl making machine (6)

Open Cam Paper bowl Machine improved on our hot sale XY-PB model machine, With advanced design and intelligent program, more reliable and durable, competitive price.
It makes both one-side or two-side PE-film-coated paper bowl after running a whole procedure of automatic Multi-step
pre-printed-bowl-fan-paper Feeding (Multi-step paper-feed and Anti-back device to keep the accurate position), cup-body-side
welding, silicone-oil lubricating(for top curling), robot transfer cup body, bottom-disk punching, bottom pre-heating and
pre-folding, main heating, bottom knurling(cool device for 2PE), top curling, paper bowl discharging and collecting.

Paper Bowl Making Machine
Packing specification
Raw Material
150-350gsm PE coated paper
Working Air Souree
Paper bowls specification
(A)φ40-100mm (B)φ40-140mm
our work shop (6)
our work shop (6)

Machine advantages:

# HMI & PLC Program control, easy operate, and intelligent,
# Step motor control the bottom feed, precision and reliable, one bowl fan cut one bottom disc, no wastage.
# Quality Open Cam (8-divide) drive, easy maintenance, stable and reliable, # Remote controller, easy control and adjustment,
# Quality Shaft & gears drive the movement, more stable than chain system, # Quality electric elements, long life, (DELTA,
Schneider, famous brand),
# Separately cam & rod, drive the knurling, curling, and heating parts, to keep machine stable and easy maintenance, # Working
power only 3.5KW, save cost (not include the air compressor power),
# Only ONE main turntable, more efficient and reliable. # Self lubricate (automatic oil lubricate),
# Robot straight lift the bowl body to main mold.
# Bottom disk straight punched and send to the bowl body, less wastage and precision. # Advanced bottom knurling system, reliable and long life,
# bowl side sealing by ultrasonic or ceramic hot air (suitable for 1PE & 2PE paper, available for light & heavy paper), # Bottom
heating by hot air, good sealing, (air compressor hot air or ceramic hot air),
# With bowl collector/stacker, One worker run 2~3 sets bowl machine, save labor

our work shop (2)
our work shop (2)
our work shop (5)
our work shop (5)