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What is prospect of disposable paper lunch boxes

Some plastic tableware contains polystyrene, and substandard plastic tableware will release carcinogens at a high temperature of 60 ℃. If people use it for a long time, they may suffer from excessive intake of carcinogen benzene.
Although plastic tableware is very convenient to use, it not only harms the body, but also causes serious pollution to the environment. After using it once, it is thrown away. It cannot be reused, and it cannot be degraded in industry. Small tableware may take hundreds of years to be completely degraded, and the environmental pollution is incalculable.

paper lunch boxes (2)
paper lunch boxes (2)

Environmentally friendly paper lunch boxes can reduce the difficulty of degradation and environmental pollution to a certain extent. The paper lunch boxes on the market are kraft paper lunch boxes, which belong to the paperboard process, but most of them will be coated with pp film to achieve the effect of water and oil resistance and avoid oil and water seepage. This kind of paper lunch box is convenient for printing. It is printed before being cut into shape.

Paper lunch box is a container made of paper and covered with paraffin or polyethylene coating for food packaging or containing hot and cold drinks and food. Because it is made of paper materials, it can be recycled and treated by burying or burning, without causing serious environmental pollution. It has high environmental value.

Paper lunch boxes can be divided into cardboard lunch boxes, pulp molded paper lunch boxes and coated paper lunch boxes according to processing materials, of which coated paper lunch boxes are the most common. Paper lunch boxes are divided into large, medium and small ones according to their capacity. Paper lunch boxes bring convenience to people’s daily life and are popular with people. Their usage is increasing year by year, especially in fast food restaurants.